Archway symbolizes the opening, the passage to a new beginning. We believe our innovative menu makes living the plant-based life easy, and an experience you’ll want to soak up.

We’re part of the plant movement and invite you to join us on our expedition to become the most botanical version of ourselves!



Quite simply, our mission is to inspire people to support a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

We aspire to bring colorful, flavorful cuisine to everyone through a generous selection of specialty dishes and cocktails. 

ARCHWAY reimagines and reinvents restaurant cuisine by providing tasty proof of the power of plants on the world. We aim to create a top-notch plant-based experience, with a focus on shareable dishes, an extensive organic wine list and outstanding signature cocktails.


In everything we do, we seek to understand, experience and maximize the power of plants in everything we create.

We believe in the power of plants to change the world. For our health, for the health of our communities and for the health of our planet, plants are the key. We strive to operate in a plastic-free packaging, low-waste environment.

Wherever possible, our menus reflect seasonality and available local produce.



Respect, transparency, innovation, diversity and integrity. We live these values in our culinary practice and in the experience we want our customers to have.



Compagny - History

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Archway was founded by Josianne Marcoux in June 2019 with a pretty simple mission: inspire & support healthy, sustainable living. 
With a degree in interior design and several years’ experience in sales and catering, founder Josianne Marcoux cultivates a vision of combining beauty and goodness, while bringing the power of plants to the kitchen. Her great love of plant-based cuisine, her thirst for entrepreneurship and her flair for the latest trends led her to cultivate a panoply of business ideas. That is, until she put her finger on the best channel for sharing her passion: a restaurant. And so, in 2019, Archway saw the light of day; a restaurant that would quickly become a benchmark for vegan food and unique culinary creations on the island of Montreal.
Just 2 months after opening, Archway was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which quickly forced restaurant owners to close their doors. It was an extremely difficult time. That said, it was also an opportunity to design new experimental products, such as a plant-based, gluten-free bacon and botanical “eggs”. These two creations, part of the menu to this day, generated a great deal of interest on social media and propelled the Archway’s notoriety.  
When the restaurants were allowed reopened as normal, Josianne was in need for a solid, experienced management team du its meteoric growth in popularity
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In May 2021, Ariane Lavoie joined the company as manager. With over 15 years’ experience in the restaurant business, Ariane puts her talents to work managing the service and training employees. Forthright, methodical and highly attentive to customer needs, she skilfully keeps operations running smoothly. 3 months later, her husband, Benoît Leclère, also joined the Archway ranks as Chef. With over 15 years’ experience in the trade, he knows how to evolve kitchen practices and bring more structure to the restaurant, allowing for longer opening hours and minimizing food waste. 
In 2022, Ariane and Benoît agreed to become official co-owners & partners at Archway, and committed themselves to continuing to work tirelessly to fuel the restaurant’s growth by defining new guidelines to propel the concept even further.
 It was these turbulent and memorable years that forged the restaurant’s character, and gave flavor to the gastronomic offering found here today, at lunchtime and in the evenings.